An open letter to the Members and Friends


Park Cities Tactical


November 24, 2002

Hello everyone,

I have had Park Cities Tactical open since 1999 and have relished in the growth of the Board, meeting many excellent people and learning a great deal about guns, life and everything else.  Unfortunately with growth comes bandwidth usage and more fees.  Though it has been my complete pleasure to provide this space for everyone the financial impact is becoming increasingly greater and more evident since my +$30,000.00/year pay cut (ouch) at the end of last year.

Park Cities Tactical is financially a one-man show in that I am wholly responsible for all fees, bills and maintenance for the entire web site.   As many of you know running a web site is not free nor is it terribly inexpensive to boot.

The fees are running from $90.00 to more than $150.00 per month, not including connection costs.  That's strictly the web site.  Then there are the license fees for the Bulletin Board, upgrading, etc. which used to cost money but I bought a non-expiring license last year so at least I can get free upgrades.   That license fee alone was several hundred dollars.  Obviously my time and energy for maintaining and working 'behind the scenes' factors in also, but I look upon that as part of my contribution to this board.

I have tried to guesstimate what this site has run me thus far and I think that it has cost me over $7,000.00 in just about 3 years.  At some point in the future, Id like to buy a new server and better connectivity at ~ $2,000.00.

I have been weighing the options of banner ads, pop-under ads, etc. to help offset the costs associated but I have grown to despise them as I am sure many of you have too.   I don't want to be a sell-out and have a bunch of cheesy ads floating around our community.  Yet I need some help with the site. 

So here's what I am left with:


There is a donation program set up within PayPal as well as options for donating funds through to help me recoup some of the fees and costs.  Even several $10 or $15 donations would help.

You can follow either link to make a one-time donation to "the cause."  If you are not a member of either PayPal or Amazon you can join with the links below.

Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More



If you would like to make donations to PCT on a 'subscription' type basis, you may do so here.  You may cancel at any time.  Subscriptions are billed MONTHLY.





Thank you all again for your continued support, friendship and fun you have provided me.  I thoroughly enjoy this and want to keep this going as long as possible.

Thank you all very much.



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