WTS an all COLT carbine in desert camo. I took my factory orig. COLT Gov. Carbine & replaced the A2 uppeer w/ a factory COLT M4 upper, purchased NIW from D. Todd. The stock is a Vltor, the BUIS is an ARMS #40, rail is a Surefire M73 & the VPG is a Knights. Disregard the black PRI front sight as I'm selling the rifle w/ the factory front sight reinstalled. It also has an ambi. safety & mag. release w/ a single point sling attachment (left handed) behind the for. assist. Every componnent (upper/lower & all acces.) were bought NEW before the Lauer camo paint was added. I have since fired LESS than 2500 rds. downrange. With $2250.+ in this, I will sell it for $1695. shipped to an FFL or a possible FTF in NTX. Call 318.469.9974 or email me direct w/ REFERENCES available & a 48hr. unfired inspection.