I have searched the topics and have some concept of what I need but still want to bring up to the group for comments.

I have a CDNN purchased silver-slide P7 PSP trade-in with serial number 5038. I'm a lefty looking for a inside the waist band (IWB)holster (9-11). I would like to use for daily carry and work in an environment where a sports coat is normal dress. I'm 5'11" 170lbs and would like a leather holster for my P7 PSP. I recognize the names of del Fatt & Rosen but don't want to wait 'till retirement to start. Also, I realize that holster collections seem to be the norm and I don't want to start this as I also have a Rohrbaugh R9s and don't want to unnecessarily feed an addiction. I also like exotic leathers and performance materials.

So there, I've opened myself up for all your suggestions and comments and will gladly accept them all!

Ucitykid (STL)
Thanks to P7 Enigma for putting me on to this informative yet eclectic site!