Hi everyone-

I have FINALLY made up an order page for the bumper stickers and decals. You can find that page here:


I have played with the shopping cart and everything seems to be working well. Please let me know if you see a glitch.

The shopping cart is through PayPal however if you would rather purchase by mail that's fine too. Just contact me directly for that.

Also the first run of the PCT decals did not come out to either iScott or my expectations. Instead of just tossing them in the bin I thought it might be OK to sell them at a discount. They look just fine from a distance of 5' or greater. They came out pixilated and a little off on color. There are 25 available right now at a discounted price while the other batch is being run.

Finally - as a personal note: Do NOT try and install the PCT decal when it's WINDY! dunce

Thanks as always for the support.
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