Hello everyone-

Well, I have been VERY busy over the past few days trying to update and revamp my web site and I am EXTREMELY excited about the new changes and wanted to share them with you.

To begin with - I have completely redesigned the >>Park Cities Tactical<< home page integrating in the new logo. I have also taken off the "Firearm News" section from the BB to clear up some space at the top of the Forums. This section has been relocated to the PCT home page.

Secondly - I have changed all (or almost all) of the font colors and have removed the 'textured' backgrounds in favor of a black background. Sorta 'back to basics'. Sure I have probably missed a page or two but I'll get to 'em!

Third - I have upgraded this version of the BB to the newest whiz-bang release. Some of the features include:
  • More user controls through the control panel
  • Moderator/Admin controlled 'Sticky' notes so we are now able to keep a popular top on top of the Forum
  • Private Message alerts (for those of you who opted to receive PM's
  • Jump to new posts link (the blue arrow) which gets you to the newer posts faster!
  • Not that we have had any great need for it - but there is now a 'Report Post' link in case something said or done needs to be brought to attention FAST!
  • Content Islands! This is really cool. Now on my home page - you can see the 5 most recent posts remotely!
  • Searchable Community Directory - this is found in the upper right corner of the UBB.
  • Member of the Moment - a completely randomly selected Member is highlighted. Could you be next?
  • User adjustable time zones. Customize to YOUR part of the world

And those are just a few of the changes that you see... the 'behind the scenes' stuff has really made life better for me too wink

Anyway - I guess that's about it. As always I appreciate you being here.
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