Hello all,

Well I suppose it's time to announce and unveil a project that has been taking up a bunch of my time here lately. A few of you already know about this but I wanted to do a formal 'roll-out' of the business.

A little background first - as many of you know I have been vacillating with my career for the past few years. After much soul searching, counseling with family, friends and industry insiders my wife and I embarked on looking into a new future for me and for us. While analyzing our individual and combined talents, strengths, tastes, etc. we narrowed down to one rather broad field.


We will be concentrating on landscape design, consultation, installation, etc. as well as offering items for sale - particularly ornamental iron items for the home or office.

It should be no surprise that in conjunction with this we have a new web site that is live and ready to go. Just click on the image below to get there.

Thanks to all of you who were instrumental in the design and feedback on the web site. Please drop in and have a look around. We'll be adding to the site periodically so be sure to check back often.

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