I was offered this nice,but slightly odd pistol and thought a decent sale was made. Oh Boy, when it came time to get some ammo it looked like I may need a time machine, and this gun is recent,made era 1990! Seems .41AE isn't on a lot of want lists. I pulled out my Blue Book and European American lists pistols made by Fratelli Tanfoglio, but FIE is not there. On the Blue Book site it is listed, for $$ up front. Suppose they hold back a few guns for the Internet Only souls. Since I'm not into cutting down .41 Magnum cartrdiges, anyone have a NOS box of AE's?
The slide is Blue and the frame is the same color as a Beretta 92 Stainless frame, light, matte like silver and it has wood grips. The slide is ported as well as the barrel (4 holes). The slide is stamped- "The Ultra" I.P.S.C Approved-. Can anyone tell me the original retail price and aprox. current value in 98%? Although the internal finish/machining is rough,the parts are larger and tighter than those in S&W A/P. I have no experience with this brand, but I've worked on hundred's of Smith's as an armorer. Any other general info on this model would be appreciated. Thanks! Dan