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#126950 - 02/01/02 12:13 PM Trying to decide on Sights
FrontSight Offline
P7 Vixen

Registered: 11/16/01
Posts: 692
I’m considering 2 different types of sights for my P7s.

Goals (updated 2-4-02)
1) faster sight picture without losing accuracy.
2) easy to acquire and retain focus on FRONT sight. i.e., a non-distracting rear sight
3) good in all lighting conditions
4) a vertical sight alignment, based on the theory that it is faster to vertically align sights than horizontally align sights

1) Ashley Outdoors
the tritium one on the far right. Standard dot, not the big dot.

2) MMC sights
at the bottom of that page,
either the one on the bottom row far right, or the one on the bottom row far left.

3) DiGregorio P7 sights
[Newb, I need a pic!]
White dot or tritium front sight w/ blacked out stock rear sights, to facilitate focus on front sight and speed of acquiring sight picture.



[ 02-04-2002: Message edited by: FrontSight ]

#126951 - 02/01/02 12:37 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
JR Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/27/00
Posts: 55
Hey there,

I ordered a set for my P7 from ashley and got the smaller version of the dot sight. I found it to be to small so switched to the larger one and it's an excellent sight and can't be beat for quick acqusition. Take a little getting used to after using normal sights but is really nice after a little break in time.


#126952 - 02/01/02 01:11 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
tetchaje Offline

Registered: 09/12/01
Posts: 99
Loc: UT
I know a lot of people are very satisfied with Meprolights and Ashley Bar-Dot Night Sights. I've heard mixed reviews about PT Night Sights, FWIW.

The link to meprolights:

#126953 - 02/01/02 01:23 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights

Registered: 02/13/00
Posts: 2045
Loc: The third dimension
Hi Front Sight;
My $.02 is that the Ashley Sights are very quick for SOME people, and ADEQUATELY accurate for SOME people...

but not for me.

I've owned 'em, tried 'em, tried to like 'em, and finally got rid of 'em. (FWIW,the stock P7 sight picture is just about perfect, as far as I'm concerned. The amount of light showing on either side of the front sight when it's centered in the rear notch is exactly right, proportioately, for a good balance between speed and precision.)

The Ashley sights offer speed (they are, after all, "express" sights) for many, perhaps most folks, but for me, I find myself trying to nestle that front dot PERFECTLY into the "V", so that I'm actually SLOWER with them!
Even more important to me is their lack of precision. On a P7, which is INNATELY capable of very high precision, it seems a shame to hobble the gun with these sights.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and you'll find lots of folks who swear by them. You may find them to your liking, for all I know, but I thought you should hear another side of the story, 'cause they aren't the absolute "best for everybody, all the time" sights out there.

#126954 - 02/01/02 01:33 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights

Registered: 02/13/00
Posts: 2045
Loc: The third dimension
And absolutely don't get PT Night Sights. They're without doubt the WORST QUALITY night sights made. (Yes, I've owned them, too.) If you want to see pics of broken PT Night Sights, check on

Here's yet another opinion. I don't like "3 dot" night sights, and prefer either a tritium vial in just the front sight, or one in the front, and one just below the rear sight notch, a la Richard Heinie's "Straight Eight" product (see As a matter of fact, I think his sights are the best aftermarket fixed handgun sights made, period, whether with or without tritium vials. Best.

#126955 - 02/01/02 02:17 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
sparrow Offline

Registered: 11/28/00
Posts: 168
Loc: Canada
Hey great thread guys, I'm sending my slide to Trijicon for nite sites next week and wanted opinions on all three inserts or just the front and why, this might even be eseful to the original poster.

#126956 - 02/01/02 02:25 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
Incursion Offline

Registered: 03/16/00
Posts: 1075
Loc: Austin, TX, USA
I haven't done any night shooting, but from practicing draws in complete darkness, I'm starting to think that it's best to just have a front night sight.

#126957 - 02/01/02 02:50 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
p7newbie Offline

Registered: 03/02/01
Posts: 11040
Loc: Handgun Control Inc.
I'd go for just a front....i blacked out my rear dots and only have the white dot....find the rears distracting in fast sight picture...if I were to go to night sights, I would do the same...if you have the right hold on your gun, the front will be where it needs to be anyway..and I agree with Sawbones, the stock sights are perfect and have the right amount of light...would leave them alone and just put a vial in the front....sometimes we just like to overtinker Miss Frontsight...
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#126958 - 02/01/02 05:19 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
RC Offline

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 123
Loc: L.A. County, California, USA
It seems here and elsewhere I've always heard pretty good things about MMC. Of interest is their adjustable night sights. PT...have a set on my Benelli M1 Tactical Ghost Ring set up, and their ok for that purpose. Haven't shot out yet.


[ 02-01-2002: Message edited by: RC ]

#126959 - 02/01/02 05:21 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
Big Dave Offline

Registered: 01/23/02
Posts: 202
Loc: new york
Has anyone changed the sights on their P7's themselves? Is a special tool necessary to remove the front sight pin? Anything else I should know before attempting it?

#126960 - 02/01/02 05:37 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
Edster Offline
Sharp Shooter

Registered: 01/12/01
Posts: 545
Loc: Dallas, TX
SAWBONES, could you elaborate a little on why you prefer the Heines? I'm seriously considering them.

As far as the AO Express, I think you've expressed my biggest concern about them perfectly:
Quote: seems a shame to hobble the gun with these sights.

Why go through all the trouble of finding an accurate pistol then put sights on it that are really only suited for quick-and-close? It's true defensive use is almost always quick-and-close, but I like the option to be precise if necessary. If nothing else, it makes practice more rewarding.

The Heines look like they would offer a nice speed improvement over three-dot while having greater accuracy potential than the AO.

On the other hand, I've read some complaints the rear sight is too large and blocky. Is there anything to this?


[ 02-01-2002: Message edited by: Edster ]

#126961 - 02/01/02 06:21 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
Texas Bob Offline

Registered: 08/19/01
Posts: 375
Just to let you know what works for me. I use trijicon three dots on my M13 for idpa. To many hostage resque stages requiring long range shots (read that at beyound 7yds) for the AO express. However I have AO express Big Dot Tritium on my carry M8. Inside 7yds use the frontsight as a big shotgun bead, center mass, start shooting. The AO Big Dot helps defeat tunnel vision in an adrenlen dump situation. Good luck finding what's right for you. With aging eyes the Big Dot is a real help, even with my glasses. cheers

#126962 - 02/01/02 06:52 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
frbank6 Offline

Registered: 02/09/00
Posts: 88
I have Ashleys on one P7 and my accuracy with that pistol is as good as, or better, than with the others. I don't find them "hobbling" at all.

#126963 - 02/01/02 09:17 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
RTAB1 Offline

Registered: 12/20/01
Posts: 1650
Loc: MN
The Dark Horse was kind enough to put on Trijicon's before he sold his P7M13 to me. I have (and have had) them on number of guns and find them to be just fine for qualification and the like. I don't like PT's, although the service I received from them was outstanding. I had a set of them on a G30 and sent them back due to poor illumination. The customer service department sent me back three different sets, told me to keep the one I wanted, and asked me to mail back the two I didn't want. I sold the gun with the new sights with no problems. Russ
This is starting to get really expensive.

#126964 - 02/01/02 11:20 PM Re: Trying to decide on Sights
Baytown Offline

Registered: 01/06/02
Posts: 239
Loc: Baytown
I agree w/ P7newbie on the front sight only. Our issue gun is a Glock 20 w/ 3 dot Trijicon. I find the sight picture very cluttered in the day and at night the back two seem too much. If I was allowed, I'd black out my rear vials as well. That is just my opinion though and different people like different things.


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