As you all are no doubt aware the BB is back up and running! As far as I know there are only a couple of outstanding items to do in order to be 'fully functional' of which one is a Photo Gallery. Currently I am troubleshooting the Photo Gallery in a private area trying to get it operational. Once it is up and running it will be 'daylighted' and available to the Membership.

Another item you may have noticed is the widget along the right side of all pages. If you are a shopper on Amazon (I am a HUGE Amazon fan) I would appreciate it if you would use the widget to search for and purchase items. When you search and click through to Amazon (and make a purchase) PCT gets a little commission which helps to offset the costs of running the Boards (software, server, etc.).

That said I will most likely be transitioning PCT to a different server towards the end of the year. Please note that I will get the BB up and running BEFORE I pull the plug here so it will be a seamless transition only being down for maybe an hour or two.

Thanks again for being here and for your continued support.
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