After receiving MANY emails and PM's I have opened-up a portal here at PCT for those that wish to Donate can do so. Last time I did this I instituted differing levels and such - this time I am not. The other way caused too many problems.

Also I have not done a 'subscription' rather a 'donation' although it says subscription.

To access this:

1. You must be logged-in to PCT.
2. At the top of the page under the PCT logo there is a "My Stuff" link.
3. Follow the link to 'Subscriptions'
4. On the next screen look to the right for this: [More Details]
5. Click on the [More Details] link and there you will have the option of making a donation via PayPal (preferred) or via mail (you will need to PM me for details). You can also click HERE to access this page.
6. If you select PayPal you will be taken to the PCT portal at PayPal. There you can enter in a donation in any amount you are comfortable with. Remember that this is NOT recurring!
7. After filling in the amount hit the UPDATE button below then proceed to check out.

Now if a subscription-based donation is preferred I can create them like I did years ago. Just let me know.

Thank you for your interest and willingness to chip-in.
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