The PHOTO ALBUM is back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers drink

Everything SHOULD work - Please post if you are having issues - please do NOT PM or email!!!


Edited to add: I have disabled the ADDITION of photos on the Photo Album linked above.

When you have time please go through your album, download the pictures you want then re-upload them into the General Photo Gallery (located in the General Discussion section below Del Fatti's area..... be sure to drop in and say hi to Matt cheers roll ).

Once you have gotten the pics out of the 'old' album please PM me and I will take your album off-line. The idea is to get rid of the older album and go with the integrated one here.... this will simplify things plus make the BB easier to move if/when the time comes.

I do not have a hard date on when I am going to pull the plug on the 'old' album but it will probably be towards the end of the year (2009).

Thanks again!

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