P7 commercial vs NDS refurb/import questions

Posted by: Chad

P7 commercial vs NDS refurb/import questions - 11/30/12 12:09 PM

Hi all,
I haven't been able to find the answers to my questions in the forum or elsewhere. Sorry if it's been asked/answered before but I did look.

Did ALL P7's coming to the US get inspected/refurbed by HK prior to import or only the police/govt. issue?

Was any refurb or upgrade done at HK in Germany or was it done by the importer here?

Leading from the previous question on importers, if a pistol has the PW Arms or other non-HK affiliated importer, would HK still have made the upgrades which began in the later 80's or not?

So if I'm looking at a commercial P7 made in 1980 and it was imported by PW, or anyone else for that matter, is there a reasonable expectation the gun would have been upgraded or not? I of course could tell if I could see the internals but I can't in this instance.

Thanks for any help on this,

Posted by: nra-life-member

Re: P7 commercial vs NDS refurb/import questions - 08/01/15 02:53 PM

New Commercial P7's were built by HK, then imported to the USA - no previous owner. These were limited. I believe I read somewhere there were only 150 of these, but I can't confirm.

Trade in P7's that were imported by PW Arms (To my knowledge) HK didn't touch these.

More current P7's that were trade in's HK checked each of these P7's out - did any work required and graded them - Grade A, Grade B and Grade C.

Hope this helps answer this old post..