WTS/WTT P7M8 with 4 mags and more - SOLD

Posted by: Jenrick

WTS/WTT P7M8 with 4 mags and more - SOLD - 04/04/16 05:33 PM

Located in the Central Texas area, I have for sale a P7M8 with lots of extras.

The gun itself has been cerakoted black, as it was my backup gun and I didn't want to run the risk of it rusting. Additionally it has tritium night sights installed, instead of the standard H&K dot sights. The pistol shoots like a champ.

Along with the pistol I'll include 4 (yes 4!) H&K magazines. I have the original box (matching serial to the gun), with the original brush, and factory scrapper. Also include is the mag loader that came with the gun, and a spare recoil spring. I'll also include an IWB holster, several OWB holsters, and 2 kydex mag pouches.

Asking price is in the neighborhood of $2,000 shipped any where in the CONUS. If you don't like that number, make me a reasonable offer. The worst I can say is "no" right? If you in the Central Texas area I might be willing to knock a little off if we can do a F2F transaction.

I might be willing to do some trades too. If you happen to have a open class PPC revolver and gear, that'd be a good start. I'll shoot pretty much anything though, so feel free to offer what every you've got, again worst I can do is say "no" right?

You can either PM me here, or shoot me an email at jenrick at gmail dot com for questions. If you want to "buy it now" please email me. If I get multiple purchase offers they'll be handled in the order they are received by my email, PM's here get second priority.

If you want any pics in even higher resolution, email me and I can send you the RAW files, which are suitable for making into a poster if that's your thing.

Again asking $2,000 OBO, and willing to trade. Lets see if we can make a deal. - SOLD


You can see where the Cerakote has worn a bit along the hard edge of the slide in this photo.

4 H&K Mags

4 Holsters, the far right one is a paddle, the rest are belt loop. All have a thumb break.

Box, which matches the SN of the gun, original H&K brush and scrapper included.

2 mag pouches, H&K mag loader, and spare recoil spring.
Posted by: tlhelmer

Re: WTS/WTT P7M8 with 4 mags and more - 10/18/16 09:23 AM

IS the P7M8 still for sale?
Posted by: Jenrick

Re: WTS/WTT P7M8 with 4 mags and more - 11/02/16 05:48 PM

Yes it is. I apologize for not replying sooner, a buyer backed out of the sale today.

Posted by: Buddy Rabbit

Re: WTS/WTT P7M8 with 4 mags and more - 11/06/16 08:52 PM

Would you trade for a P7M13? I live just outside Austin.

All you can do is say no, right?
Posted by: Jenrick

Re: WTS/WTT P7M8 with 4 mags and more - 11/12/16 05:50 PM

Thanks for the offer, but not interested in a P7M13 at the moment.