how to post pictures

Posted by: dacey1974

how to post pictures - 12/28/10 08:07 PM

How does one post pictures when you have no web site with pictures? I just have pictures on my desktop. Thank you
Posted by: JCSqueezer

Re: how to post pictures - 12/29/10 10:13 AM

The process is quite simple and the method is the same for most forums. The image must first be uploaded to a server such as at an online photo hosting site. Go to the image at a hosting service (, right click it and open the Properties menus.

Next, highlight the full address (URL), copy the URL and then paste it into the subject area in a forum post. For the image to appear, you MUST include the .jpg extension.
Posted by: italia

Re: how to post pictures - 12/29/10 11:21 AM is a good and free hosting site for pictures.

Also, see the FAQ page regarding image markup code: